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Directed By Phil Sharpe, Sharpen Up has already become known as one of the top car detailing companies around with people putting our logo on their cars, traveling from different cities and returning over and over again to keep their vehicles looking sharp.

We are dedicated to providing the best car detailing services possible at the best price.

Car detailing can be a lot of work, we are prepared to handle everything; from washing and cleaning your car to polishing out any scratches - we'll make sure the vehicle looks as close to new as possible.

Our aim is to make sure no one leaves disappointed with our results, its not an option.


If you need a vehicle detailing, then Sharpen Up is the perfect choice for you. Phil is an experienced detailer with specific training and qualifications.

 His work is always of high quality as its his passion not just his job!

You won't regret choosing Sharpen Up for your car detailing services.

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