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“Took car in as was looking a bit dull. Wow what an amazing job. The car looks like new inside. everything, every detail shinning. very pleased with attention to detail. seats, dash, carpets look great. thanks. highly recommended"
"Had my golf cleaned today I must say it’s the best valet I’ve had yet!! Car looks like it’s just come from the showroom. Thankyou 5* service"
Had my car for 6 years and never had it professionally cleaned.
Got it done today and I am absolutely gobsmacked at how good of a job Phil has done!
I didn’t think my car was ‘that bad’ and it just needed a quick hoover and a wipe but apparently it needed so much more!
It looks brand new like it’s never even been used!
Amazing job, at a decent price. Can’t ask for much more.
Would 100% recommend and will definitely be going back to Phil again.”


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